Monday, 28 January 2008

100 Books Children Should Read - Michael Morpurgo

Interesting article in the Telegraph today - Michael Morpurgo, ex Children's Laureate and established author - writing an introduction to a collection of 100 Books Children Should Read. The list aside (there are always titles you feel are missing) this is a brief outline of one child's path to being a reader and writer, with a critique of the current educational situation and the pleasure of family reading. Click on Arts, then Books

Alan Bennett - The Uncommon Reader

Bennett is always a pleasure to read - I like the way I always read him with his voice echoing in my head so it seems I have had an individual audience with him! This is an affectionate fantasy on what might happen if the Queen suddenly became interested in reading, and developed into an avid reader - because she happens upon a Westminster mobile library parked outside the palace. Whilst being a little subversive and gently humorous Bennett actually sets out a strong case for the benefits of reading -it's a short novel - do read it!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Airman - Eoin Colfer

On the surface this is a rattling good adventure with lots of action, revenge and plots and counter plots. Where an idealist follows his dreams, but is forced into action by circumstance. On another level it is a story of human spirit and how to survive against the odds. A really well constructed tale of heroic action that will appeal to all Colfer fans, and will reach new audiences who have not yet met his other creations. A page turner that carries you through the story rooting for Conor all the way.

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Friday, 25 January 2008

The idea of this blog is to let anyone interested know what I am reading - to make recommendations for further reading - me to you and you to me, and to stimulate debate and discussion on reading generally.

For a thought provoking read try Slightly Foxed - a quarterly journal that reviews across a wide range of reading matter and has added to my list of want to reads in the future

Currently reading Eoin Colfer The Airman - a new direction for him - and very gripping...