Friday, 22 January 2010

Mr Golightly's Holiday

This is a simple tale - you think- of a slightly unworldly man who has obviously suffered some tragedy in the past associated with his family - who decides to take a holiday in Great Calne on Dartmoor. The story follows him as he gets to know the village, it's characters and its politics and settles himself into his new temporary home. Throughout the whole of his holiday Mr G seems to be getting odd, short email messages - unsigned and untraceable - are they sinister or a joke played on him by someone from the office?

Whilst he is In Great Calne he thinks he may rewrite his book (his great work) in a new and novel modern way and employs a young man - who appears to be from a very disadvantaged background - as his researcher on the internet. This is the story of the repercussions of small coincidences, meetings and interactions and the impact they have on the everyday lives of the village occupants.

The sudden realisation half way through the book of the significance and importance of Mr Golightly was a shock to the system in this very enjoyable, very readable and recommended tale.