Thursday, 24 July 2008

Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine

Heart wrenching story of a family falling apart after the eldest son's death in an accident. But a chance meeting for Rowan sets her on an inexorable path towards discovering more than she ever imagined...

A great read, be prepared to cry!

The Roar by Emma Clayton

An interesting first novel - Sci Fi. The occupants of New London live in fear and squalor behind 'the Wall' frightened of the plague caused by animals so there are none in this dystopian world. Then a group of children are given the chance to win wonderful przes that will make their families rich by playing a very complex computer battle game. Mika, one of twins, finds some solace for the loss of his twin by playing this game - but is there something sinister behind the game or is it a means of escape...

Tightly plotted, gripping and exciting read.

The Battle for Gullywith by Susan Hill

Olly and his family move to Gullywith - a tumbledown farmhouse near a mysterious mere. There are strange stones, covered in runes, appearing to follow Olly; a bookseller who knows what Olly wants before he asks for it; and a legend about a stone king who's castle is rumoured to be drowned beneath the mere - where will this all lead?

Interesting fantasy grounded in today, slighly over written in places and will need reading stamina to complete but well worth the effort.