Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Amethyst Child by Sarah Singleton

Yet another really good read from Sarah Singleton - and each one is so different that she always surprises with her output.

The Amethyst children are thought to have special talents, often unrecognised by the rest of society. Dowdie is an amethyst child and she spots Amber as one also. Amber is bored during the school holidays and is gradually pulled in to the commune run by Dowdie's father - the charismatic James. The peace of the commune and the happiness of it's members are all put at risk as the summer progresses, and other people from outside the commune start to look into the amethyst child phenomenon. A wonderful tale told through the two voices of Amber, one as the child of the summer holidays and one as her voice of experience looking back at events as they are investigated.

Read this author - she's one to watch.

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