Sunday, 21 September 2008

Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill

The second volume in the Icemark Chronicles - and again a hugely involving saga with battles of the various allies and the evil Polypontian General Bellorum. The action takes place 20 years after the first volume. Thirrin and Oskan now have a family - and three of them take part in the battles that ensue - possibly the battles to end the Icemark. Charlemagne the youngest has had polio, and is to be the regent in the country many of the population are evacuated to. The other sister Medea has her father's skills but is particularly drawn to the darker side of her skills - never quite being on the same side as the rest of the family.

This is such a gripping roller coaster of a ride, with the wonderful images of the mixed species allies working together and collaborating (not always so smoothly as one might expect.) Gives you the flavour of the sagas in an easily readable, gripping, un-put-downable book.

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