Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This was a recommendation from the Facebook Reading Group - not something I think I would have otherwise picked up. It is a post apocalyptic novel, the world is reduced to ash and burned out cities, everything is melted, dead and gone. The main protagonists, the man and his son are trying to reach the coast of the destroyed US in the hope that there is some life there - this is the story of their journey, and the horror and devastation they meet along the way.

There is little evidence of humanity left in the few survivors they come across on their journey. You want to turn away from the page at some of the sights described, but the power of the writing is such that you don't, you keep on reading, hoping for resolution and some hope for the future. The relationship between the man and boy is touching, frustrating and ultimately profound. You share their fear and their hopes. The sparsity of the language and the episodic telling keep you turning the pages. A modern classic.

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