Monday, 9 June 2008

Cosmic by Frank Cotterell Boyce

This is the usual madcap and delightful mix we have come to expect from Boyce. Liam is a normal boy, but very tall, and as such is regularly taken for a grown up - and so he ends up masquerading as his friends father - and via a series of adventures and misfortunes they end up on the greatest adventure imaginable - in space!

There are some elements when you need to suspend your disbelief but the sheer pace and plot means you are carried along happily.

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BookWorm said...

I've read this book, and it's just fantastic. If you find this in a bookstore I would definitely recommend picking it up. The main story could have been: Liam goes into space. He had fun. The end. But no, Boyce has twisted and turned the regular tale and made it his own. Cosmic, with a sense of humor at every turn is a book to buy when you're bored of the regular chapter book and what something new, inventive and wacky. One of my favourite lines: The police in fact bowed to us, got on their radios, talked in chinese for a while, then bowed again and one of them said, 'Honoured guests?' in English. "Yes" said Florida, "Honoured guests. That's us." Then he did this mime which I think meant, 'Follow-us-in-your-car-even-though-you-blatantly-can't-drive.' This is Boyce at his best.