Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray

Three friends -Kenny, Sim and Blake are about to embark on a strange, ill fated journey. They steal the urn that contains the ashes of their best friend Ross, and they set out to travel from Cleethorpes on the English east coast to the tiny hamlet of Ross in southern Scotland. After a depressing and dispriting funeral they feel that taking Ross to Ross will be a fitting memorial for a fifteen-year-old boy who changed all their lives through his friendship. Little do they realise just how much Ross can still affect life for them even though he's dead.

Keith Gray has written a different take on the usual quest novel - as they travel the boys discover much about themselves, but also more about the friend they thought they knew and loved. Their complete disbelief at the idea that Ross may have committed suicide, and their slow realisation that they may have let down their friend is realistically told. The misadventures they have are all credible, and written with a lot of black humour - a book well worth the read and will strike a chord with many teenagers.

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